Thanks for your interest in sponsoring a horse! Because we are both a sanctuary and rescue and offer our barns and pastures as a soft place to land for aging, abused, abandoned, neglected, and disabled horses, we often incur additional expenses in order to provide the care that our special-needs residents require.

Sponsoring an OHR horse consists of making a monthly contribution of $150 to cover the cost of caring for one horse throughout the month. Sponsorship funds go toward general expenses such as hay, grain, farrier (or hoof trimming), and routine veterinary care. In some cases, it also enables the horses to be worked or brushed more often or receive a special service, like undergoing equine chiropractic therapy. 

Because we have ageing residents, some of our horses need supplements or pain management in order to be comfortable. For instance, one of our older residents-- a 35-year-old Mustang mare named Nana Rose-- needs daily joint medicine in order to freely move around the pasture. Nana is in great health for her age, but her medicine is costly. On average, a 90-day dosage of Cosequin for joint relief costs more than $50! Many of our horses are given joint supplements like Cosequin or MSM daily.

At Oregon Horse Rescue, our goal is to ensure that our residents get the care they need, regardless of cost. However, support from our sponsors is essential in order to provide quality care for our horses. Become a sponsor today by choosing a horse to support from our Resident Horses or Adoptable Horses pages. Sponsorship payments may be processed online or by mail (checks payable to Oregon Horse Rescue can be sent to the mailing address listed at the bottom of this page).